Our single-minded aim in product development has been to create food products that people want to feed to their children. We want to create a wide range of products that bring smiles to children’s faces when they are displayed in the store, because they are safe, worry-free, and delicious. I believe we can overcome any obstacle to achieve this dream. When we were engrossed in development, pursuing products that don’t exist in the world, it became evident that information and know-how is sometimes insufficient for product creation.
Thus our group company, Kantou Shokuken, specializes in recipe and raw material development, and is charged only with developing strong recipes. We have created an organization capable of proposing improvements with a total perspective, in areas such as product development planning, sales planning, development of individual manufacturing plants, and realization of production management.
With our integrated system, we can create unique products suited to our corporate clients, and that is our greatest strength.
With a commitment to coexistence and mutual prosperity, we have built relationships of trust with every company we are involved with. Based on the limitless options and flexible thinking we have cultivated, we will resolutely take up challenges and continue stepping into action, as a company capable of contributing to the formation of a better food society through development of products with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

President CEO

Kazuo Sagiya